A few words about us:

Our company is an industrial leader ( is short for special machinery) specialising in:

  • The construction and manufacture of special machinery to customer specifications
  • The construction and manufacture of hydraulic clamping devices for the processing of motors and gear parts in the automobile industry
  • The construction and manufacture of wire-drawing machines
  • The manufacture of machinery and components to specification documents provided by the customer
  • The manufacture of welded structures including mechanical processing and painting.

Since the foundation of our enterprise in the year 1992 we move conscious our own vertical range of manufacture in the centre with a crew experienced special mechanical engineers.
Contrary to the general trend in the industrial sector we have developed consistent our vertical range of manufacture in the last years.
Construction, manufacture and assembly in our own house make possible a high degree of flexibility, quality and fastness.

Our products are manufactured and assembled entirely in our own works, including the machine and switch box electronic systems. We are especially experienced in the areas of assembly, handling and supply systems.

Our vertical range of manufacture comprises:

  • Machining processing (turning, milling, grinding, CNC horizontal boring machine processing)
  • Welding (WIG, MIG, electrode welding, autogenous welding)
  • Metal-smith tasks (thin sheet working, special casing)
  • Painting
  • Assembly
  • Installation of electronic controls

We manufacture machinery for the electrical, wire production, packaging and automobile industries for numerous customers in Germany and the rest of Europe. The focus of activity in our work is providing customer-specific problem solutions in manufacturing and assembly automation.